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Product Description. Thanks to the pop songwriting genius of Jeff Lynne and a dazzling sound that mixed classical strings and driving rocknroll, ELO dominated the charts for much of the 70s with tunes like the 11 on this original best-of collection.

The Knights

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Maria Callas, Enzo Mascherini, Italo Tajo, Gino Penno, Luciano Della Pergola, Giuseppe Verdi, Victor De Sabata, Orchestra e coro del Teatro alla Scala - Verdi: Macbeth (complete opera live 1952) with Maria Callas, Enzo Mascherini, Victor de Sabata, Orchestra & Chorus of La Scala, Milan - Amazon.com Music

Sterns Music On-line, World Music On-Line, African Music

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Find out all about the music featured on Classics for Kids ®: Hear the Music: Listen to all of the music that made the composers famous. Compose Your Own Music: Compose your own music by dragging notes and rests to place them on the staff.

Caspian – Performance Samples

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Thousands of free, downloadable sound samples specially recorded by Philharmonia Orchestra players. These samples are suitable for creating any kind of music, no matter what style.

Synful Orchestra 2.5

Patch Delay. Set your track delays to -80 ms, so you can quantize your MIDI and it will be on the beat. The 80 ms delay figure is based on the delay of the close mic.

Yorkshire Wind Orchestra

A young, innovative chamber orchestra based in New York City, touring, recording, and performing classical music concerts worldwide.

Symphony Orchestra Library

The Philharmonia is a self-governing orchestra whose world-class players are both its owners and at the centre of its creativity and innovation.

Electric Light Orchestra - ELOS Greatest Hits - Amazon

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Free help and advice for teachers who wish to direct school orchestras, bands, and other music ensembles.

Classic Music for Kids - Classics For Kids

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Stockhausen CD website. Karlheinz Stockhausens music, works and history of the famous 20th century composer.

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Sterns Music has one of the largest online catalogues of World Music: African Music, Latin Music, Brazilian Music, Indian Music, etc. Available on CD, cassette, LP and video. As well as books on the subject. You can also play MP3 samples online

Maria Callas, Enzo Mascherini, Italo Tajo, Gino Penno

Finally a funk groove for stings. This uses only Synful Orchestra string sounds. There is no percussion or other libraries. What sounds like percussion is plucked strings that have been modified using Synful Orchestra Controls -- harmonic parity, harmonic tilt, and release time.


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Welcome to Faze 4 Orchestras Music, the tri-state areas elite resource for the some of the most sought after dance bands recognized in our industry. Since 1982, Faze 4 Orchestras Music has performed at the areas finest hotels, country clubs, and catering establishments.

Philharmonia Orchestra | Concerts at London’s Southbank

Resources and services for conductors, orchestra librarians, and orchestra production staff for classical music, including links of musical interest to orchestra and music libraries

wedding ceremony audio samples - Gyros String Quartet

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The Yorkshire Wind Orchestra is a quality wind ensemble consisting of woodwind, brass and percussion, with players from throughout the Yorkshire region.

Free easy sheet music for school orchestra, band & ensemble

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